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  1. Cold Rain
    Sunday, Dec 4th 8:10 pm
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  2. How can i get closer to my guardian angel?
    Sunday, Dec 4th 7:38 pm
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  3. Some thoughts on the Entry of the Theotokos
    Sunday, Dec 4th 4:51 pm
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  4. Got scared during the Jesus prayer. Why is it?
    Sunday, Dec 4th 5:56 pm
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  5. Santa Claus
    Sunday, Dec 4th 5:40 pm
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  6. What Is the name of this pitcure without the text
    Sunday, Dec 4th 4:46 pm
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  7. Prove to me this is the true church
    Sunday, Dec 4th 3:56 pm
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  8. I’m looking to learn more about the philosophy of history presented in Daniel.
    Sunday, Dec 4th 3:53 pm
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  9. 2022.10.02. Russian Bazar 2022. Video by Gia Kereselidze
    Sunday, Dec 4th 1:51 pm
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  10. Recommendations for a good book/website that explains the liturgical year?
    Sunday, Dec 4th 3:14 pm
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  11. Divine Liturgy (During my Chirstmation)
    Sunday, Dec 4th 3:07 pm
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  12. is it mandatory to believe the church of the Holy sepulchre is the real tomb of Christ?
    Sunday, Dec 4th 2:39 pm
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  13. Women's Ordination & the Creep of Liberal Protestantism
    Sunday, Dec 4th 12:33 pm
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  14. help decipher this. this is an old bracelet I found in our family home. I think this is a Russian prayer, but please tell me who this angel is, and what the text says
    Sunday, Dec 4th 11:22 am
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  15. Homily for the Tenth Sunday of Luke (St. Luke of Simferopol)
    Sunday, Dec 4th 10:40 am
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  16. GreatMartyr Saint Barbara, at Heliopolis in Syria (306)
    Sunday, Dec 4th 10:38 am
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  17. Saint John Damascene (December 4th)
    Sunday, Dec 4th 10:18 am
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  18. Is this an orthodox rosary?
    Sunday, Dec 4th 10:15 am
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  19. Pray for me
    Sunday, Dec 4th 10:11 am
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  20. God and Morality
    Sunday, Dec 4th 9:32 am
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