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  1. Having Christ in Our Hearts and Minds
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 8:12 am
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  2. Museum inside the Cathedral in Athens
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 7:14 am
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  3. More pics from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 7:10 am
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  4. I visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, Greece today.
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 6:58 am
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  5. Ups and Downs – #Wordless Wednesday
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 7:00 am
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  6. 1987.02.14. Искусство в христианском мире. Нравственное значение Сретения Господня
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 5:00 am
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  7. October 5, 2022
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 2:01 am
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  8. Is it appropriate to sing the paschal troparion or any other at home?
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 3:49 am
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  9. What do you guys make of the falling number of religious people?
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 3:23 am
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  10. Holy Martyr Charitina of Amissos (304)
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 1:01 am
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  11. The beauty of nature as a spur to spiritual reflection
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 2:42 am
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  12. The Facade of the South Wing
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 9:40 pm
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  13. Christian Iraqi village. A small Apostolic village in Iraq that fought off the Islamic state
    Wednesday, Oct 5th 12:12 am
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  14. St Anthony and St Pachomius Icon
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 11:57 pm
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  15. Online discussions for college-aged inquirers and catechumens
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 11:23 am
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  16. Class 154, Gospel of Luke, 10:41-43, 11:1
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 4:09 pm
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  17. What is 'Will'? And is it 'corrupt'?
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 11:13 pm
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  18. Hello, are your refutations to the scholarly who deny the Resurrection? Just wanted to see if the orthodox have any good arguments as well.
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 11:05 pm
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  19. I might have a tumor in my neck and thymus, family judgement for being Christian, COVID diagnosis, suffering, low confidence for being different. What does Jesus think about me?
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 11:03 pm
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  20. How did you all pick your saint name?
    Tuesday, Oct 4th 10:22 pm
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