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  1. Jolly jerky
    Sunday, Jun 13th 3:49 pm
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  2. Who pays the priests? How does the financial structure work?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 3:15 pm
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  3. Moving closer to baptism
    Sunday, Jun 13th 2:02 pm
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  4. Another post re: St George of Damascus. Can anyone put together who he is and what the reference here may be? Thanks
    Sunday, Jun 13th 12:44 pm
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  5. What is the orthodox christian point of view on race mixing?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 12:23 pm
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  6. Question regarding the Orthodox Church of America
    Sunday, Jun 13th 12:06 pm
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  7. The wedding of Saint George and Princess Sabra, by Dante Gabriel Rosetti (1857) - One of my favourite paintings of Christian Saints
    Sunday, Jun 13th 10:10 am
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  8. The First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea (Fr. George Florovsky)
    Sunday, Jun 13th 10:52 am
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  9. “But the Word is said to be and is alone from the Father because he is not a creature; and the Son’s being ‘from the essence of the Father’ is indicative of this sense, which does not pertain to anything that has come into being”
    Sunday, Jun 13th 10:32 am
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  10. Reflection for the Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Synod (St. Theophan the Recluse)
    Sunday, Jun 13th 9:24 am
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  11. Does any one have any info on St George of Damascus besides his feast day being April 23?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 9:00 am
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  12. Love the Stranger
    Sunday, Jun 13th 8:09 am
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  13. Nature as Activity: The Orthodox Teaching of Metropolitan Anthony
    Sunday, Jun 13th 7:44 am
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  14. Update on a prayer request asked last week.
    Sunday, Jun 13th 4:57 am
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  15. Important exams
    Sunday, Jun 13th 4:02 am
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    Sunday, Jun 13th 3:00 am
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  17. Holy Martyr Aquilina of Byblos (293)
    Sunday, Jun 13th 1:01 am
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  18. Should layman Ortho Christian men grow their hair/ beard?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 3:16 am
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  19. What is the Orthodox Church’s view on jinn and ruqyahs?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 1:29 am
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  20. Silly question- what are the rules regarding what type of bottles to store personal holy water in?
    Sunday, Jun 13th 1:10 am
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