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  1. Yet Another Gauntlet: This One From the Laity
    Tuesday, Jul 5th 7:43 pm
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  2. Oh, say, can you see... Σε γνωρίζω από την κόψη
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 9:10 pm
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  3. How does economia(oikonomia) function in Orthodoxy?
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 8:01 pm
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  4. Trying to self learn about Orthodoxy
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 6:21 pm
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  5. Pension Plan FAQ Released in Preparation for 20th AAC
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 1:42 pm
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  6. Not seeing the point
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 5:13 pm
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  7. Fascinating interview with Martin Shaw, Storyteller and Mythologist
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 4:53 pm
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  8. Orthodoxy, Russia’s Manifest Destiny, and the Russia-Ukraine War
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 3:54 pm
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  9. What is the most beautiful thing a priest has ever said to you? As simple as it may be.
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 3:44 pm
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  10. End of life care/Orthodox Bioethics
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 3:42 pm
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  11. The Veneration of Saint Asteios (Asti) in Albania
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 11:46 am
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  12. Important Announcement: There are free audiobook versions of "Wounded By Love - The Life and Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios" and "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives" on youtube for anyone else who prefers auditory stimulation/are too poor to buy a physical copy
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 12:41 pm
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  13. Saint Sisoes the Great (July 6th)
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 12:36 pm
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  14. UK: Boris Johnson Faces Massive Tory Revolt
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 12:17 pm
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  15. Organ Donation
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 11:39 am
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  16. Got my first prayer rope today! Thanks St. Paisius Monastery, I love that it smells like incense.
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 9:31 am
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  17. 2022.07.07. Funeral service for Nels Larson.
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 7:53 am
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  18. why does God let us suffer so much?
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 7:56 am
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  19. Valamo monastery in North Karelia, Finland. It was originally founded in Russian Karelia about 1000 years ago by saints Sergei and Herman of Valamo but was moved due to WWII. (Valaam in Russian)
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 7:48 am
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  20. Golden Chalice or Golden Soul?
    Wednesday, Jul 6th 8:08 am
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