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  1. Blueberry Smoothie
    Saturday, Oct 24th 8:01 am
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  2. Why is the Istok Church Supplies down?
    Saturday, Oct 24th 6:24 am
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  3. Archbishop of Cyprus commemorates head of Ukrainian schismatics without Synodal consent
    Saturday, Oct 24th 5:42 am
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  4. As of today, at 63 years old, an attorney, I have officially accepted Christianity after 4 decades of atheism, anti-theism, and sins. I have since resigned from my position as a council chairman at a prominent atheist organization after 30 years. May God bless me, a reborn Christian, and everyone.
    Saturday, Oct 24th 4:57 am
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  5. The Wonderful Truth
    Saturday, Oct 24th 3:00 am
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  6. Holy Martyr Arethas and those with him (524)
    Saturday, Oct 24th 1:01 am
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  7. Is there a rule on the material used for the Icon (I only know that statues are a NO) but for example using thread and stones like swarosky crystals to make a beautiful contrast.
    Saturday, Oct 24th 2:18 am
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  8. OCAMPR Conference 2020
    Friday, Oct 23rd 10:09 am
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  9. Church of England hymns in Divine Liturgy?
    Saturday, Oct 24th 1:53 am
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  10. Friday: Made It Through (and made a good fast-friendly dinner!)
    Friday, Oct 23rd 11:02 pm
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  11. I just finished this tonight, thanks to UK Coptic Icons on Youtube for helping me! Christos Anesti!
    Saturday, Oct 24th 1:19 am
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  12. Short Collection of Prayers of St. Isaac The Syrian Read Aloud
    Friday, Oct 23rd 1:56 pm
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  13. Is the one God the Father or not?
    Friday, Oct 23rd 10:46 pm
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  14. Hey, Orthodox friends! Hope you don’t mind an Eastern Catholic in your midst. Just wanted to share the incredible backpack that my brother made! He hand-carved and dyed the Theotokos of Vladimir on his handmade leather backpack for a client. Thought you’d enjoy it!
    Friday, Oct 23rd 6:36 pm
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  15. Avocado
    Friday, Oct 23rd 4:00 pm
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  16. Sister Agathoniki: A Turkish Girl who Became a Christian
    Friday, Oct 23rd 5:52 pm
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  17. Questions about the Monarchy of the Father
    Friday, Oct 23rd 5:26 pm
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  18. The Beatitudes – “Blessed are the poor in spirit”
    Friday, Oct 23rd 12:05 pm
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  19. Podcasts on the Arian crisis
    Friday, Oct 23rd 4:35 pm
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  20. Tutti Frutti, the Globalists, and the Power of Prayer
    Thursday, Oct 22nd 10:21 pm
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