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  1. the EO can't venerate the coptic martrys
    Tuesday, May 11th 8:06 pm
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  2. Synaxarion of the Holy Venerable Martyrs Olympia and Euphrosyne of Karyes
    Tuesday, May 11th 5:48 pm
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  3. No connection
    Tuesday, May 11th 5:02 pm
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  4. “Make It So!” vs. “Let It Be!”
    Tuesday, May 11th 3:47 pm
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  5. YouTube video (click here to watch)
    Tuesday, May 11th 2:03 pm
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  6. Any good book on history of priestly formation?
    Tuesday, May 11th 3:24 pm
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  7. Film Trailer: “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
    Tuesday, May 11th 1:45 pm
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  8. I found out that I am pretty directly related to Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka, who was the Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church until 2014.
    Tuesday, May 11th 3:09 pm
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  9. Seminaries in Russia
    Tuesday, May 11th 3:05 pm
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  10. Department of Evangelization Releases More Free Brochures for Download
    Tuesday, May 11th 12:54 pm
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  11. The Tomb and Relics of Saint Cyril the Apostle to the Slavs
    Tuesday, May 11th 1:59 pm
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  12. Terirem
    Tuesday, May 11th 1:12 pm
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  13. Where are the Garima Gospels? In Ethiopia, scholars fear the worst for one of Christianity’s oldest manuscripts
    Tuesday, May 11th 12:24 pm
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  14. For those Vodolazkin fans out there here is the transcript from his recent interview with John Heers from Why Are We Talking About Rabbits
    Tuesday, May 11th 11:46 am
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  15. As Europe heads towards Islamism (IMO that over atheism in Europe) and as America heads towards general secularism, will Orthodoxy see a revival in the lands?
    Tuesday, May 11th 10:33 am
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  16. Jesus Christ Whom God Raised from the Dead
    Tuesday, May 11th 8:39 am
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  17. Thomas, the Upper Room and Faith
    Tuesday, May 11th 7:33 am
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  18. Violence in the OT
    Tuesday, May 11th 6:08 am
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  19. 🔴 Ομιλίες για την Αγάπη (διάφοροι ομιλητές) Β΄ Μέρος
    Tuesday, May 11th 2:36 am
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  20. The absolute minimum to reunite East and West.
    Tuesday, May 11th 5:05 am
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