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  1. The aim and purpose of life
    Friday, May 27th 5:29 pm
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  2. Is There Still a Consensus in the Orthodox Church?
    Friday, May 27th 3:25 pm
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  3. What age we will be in heaven?
    Friday, May 27th 9:24 am
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  4. Official declaration from the Ukrainian Church
    Friday, May 27th 1:46 pm
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  5. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I has arrived on Mount Athos for his 3 Day Trip
    Friday, May 27th 1:21 pm
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  6. Why do icons depict Jesus' stomach like this?
    Friday, May 27th 12:07 pm
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  7. Rumblings of UOC-MP separation from Moscow
    Friday, May 27th 1:28 pm
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  8. Serbians recognize Autocephaly of the Macedonians
    Friday, May 27th 1:17 pm
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  9. Why a Carpet Covers the Body of Saint John the Russian in Icons
    Friday, May 27th 12:51 pm
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  10. Saint John the Russian and Confessor (May 27th)
    Friday, May 27th 11:14 am
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  11. Whats the meaning of this eye? Is this Illuminati? Its from Patriarchal's Liturgy in Edirne today
    Friday, May 27th 11:13 am
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  12. Are there any Orthodox equivalent fiction to the Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost?
    Friday, May 27th 8:21 am
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  13. A brand new catechumen with a dumb question
    Friday, May 27th 7:21 am
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  14. Respect for Nature
    Friday, May 27th 7:28 am
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  15. The Spiritual Heart of the Matter
    Friday, May 27th 8:11 am
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  16. 2022.05.08. Meditation on Jer. 24: 7; Ps. 141: 4; Ps. 86: 11 (A New Heart)
    Friday, May 27th 5:00 am
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  17. To My Fellow Orthodox: Shame and a Broken Heart
    Friday, May 27th 4:49 am
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  18. Holy Martyrs Theodora and Didymus (304)
    Friday, May 27th 1:01 am
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  19. Byzantine Art and Architecture
    Friday, May 27th 12:30 am
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  20. May 27, 2022
    Friday, May 27th 2:01 am
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