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  1. What it means for someone to be ‘Ecclesiastical’, and the Threat to Orthodox Theology
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 9:01 pm
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  2. Mercy Beyond National Boundaries: Homily for the 7th Sunday of Matthew and “St. Timon Sunday” in the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 1:11 pm
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  3. I'm a little discouraged
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 3:45 pm
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  4. OO parishes joining the EOC?
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 12:29 pm
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  5. Patience: Being Able to See Clearly
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 12:22 pm
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  6. Help identifying the painter of this icon?
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 12:02 pm
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  7. 2017.07.23. Ven. Anthony of the Kiev Caves. Divine Liturgy
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 9:18 am
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  8. 2017.07.23. Преп. Антония Киево-Печерского. Божественная Литургия
    Tuesday, Jul 4th 2:24 am
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  9. Homily: What Love Demands
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 7:00 am
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  10. Well Said Indeed!
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 2:46 am
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  11. New Territory: Shop goes live, prints, cards and paint
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 7:26 am
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  12. Gospel Commentary for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (St. Theophylact of Ochrid)
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 8:21 am
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  13. Кондак "Душе моя" - Kontakion "O My Soul"кондак_душе_моя_kontakion_o_my_soul/
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 5:50 am
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  14. Drowning in despair
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 4:00 am
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  15. Life: The School of Humility
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 4:24 am
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  16. It is the same Body
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 3:04 am
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  17. “The women, my co-laborers”
    Friday, Jul 21st 2:46 am
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  18. St. Anna of Levkadio
    Sunday, Jul 23rd 2:19 am
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  19. Repose of the Venerable Cornelius of Pereyaslavl
    Saturday, Jul 22nd 2:19 am
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  20. Frustrated - can't convert from Anglicanism to Orthodoxy
    Saturday, Jul 22nd 11:53 pm
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