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  1. Isaiah 9:6c
    Wednesday, Jan 17th 12:01 am
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  2. 556 Catechumens are Baptized by Metropolitan Meletios of Congo
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 10:40 pm
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  3. I don’t know what else to do or what to say
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 11:35 pm
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  4. Veneration of the Precious Chains of the Holy and Glorious Apostle Peter
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 10:42 am
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  5. Our Holy Father Paul of Thebes
    Monday, Jan 15th 10:41 am
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  6. “Watch then Thyself”: Spiritual Practice and Digital Culture
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 10:34 pm
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  7. Orthodox Married To Roman-Catholic for 30 years
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 9:53 pm
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  8. Any parishes in Nashville, TN that one would recommend?
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 9:31 pm
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  9. On Homiletics
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 9:02 pm
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  10. Eating Food that has Blood in it According to Canon Law
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 8:18 pm
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  11. Upcoming Marches for Life for 2018
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 8:37 pm
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  12. A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 7:32 pm
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  13. The History of Saint Fursey, Enlightener of East Anglia and Langy (+ 650)
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 4:52 pm
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  14. Super non literal bible?
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 4:43 pm
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  15. 2018 SOYO Metropolitan Philip Youth Worker Scholarship is Available
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 1:54 pm
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  16. Confusion regarding the Trinity
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 3:30 pm
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  17. Hey everybody, in giving away a free sample chapter of my new book, "40 Days with the Fathers" if you're interested in seeing what it's about! :)
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 3:23 pm
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  18. What is a patron saint (in detail)?
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 2:36 pm
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  19. Palestinian Muslims Beat, Torture and Threaten Greek Monks in Jerusalem
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 2:18 pm
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  20. Growing Together in Christ
    Tuesday, Jan 16th 1:04 pm
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