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  1. Is the New Living Translation acceptable for Orthodox?
    Sunday, Sep 24th 1:52 am
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  2. Richmond church ordination reflects burgeoning membership
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 11:34 pm
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  3. Are you doing a Nativity Pageant this year?
    Friday, Sep 22nd 12:08 am
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  4. A belated Hobbit Day
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 10:11 pm
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  5. Saturday à Machen: The Facts Upon Which Experience Is Based (I)
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 8:17 pm
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  6. Met. Hilarion makes visit to EP Bartholomew
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 12:58 pm
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  7. A message from Fr. Antony Paul for all who are grieving
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 7:12 pm
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  8. Met Georges Khodr: There is No Fear in Love
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 7:01 pm
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  9. St. Silouan the Athonite: Holy Russian Hero
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 4:30 pm
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  10. Μητροπολίτης Κορέας Αμβρόσιος: Το διακύβευμα δεν είμαι εγώ, αλλά η Εκκλησία του Χριστού
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 9:06 am
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  11. Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea: “What is at stake is not me, but the Church of Christ”
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 9:04 am
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  12. Митрополит Корейский  Амвросий: «Под угрозой не я, а сама Церковь Христова»
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 9:00 am
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  13. I'm a huge fan of Islamic banking (but not Islam). Is there an Orthodox equivalent?
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 4:19 pm
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  14. What does this verse mean?
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 3:34 pm
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  15. Is there a good Orthodox book countering Jewish arguments against Christ being the Messiah?
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 2:50 pm
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  16. St. Gregory the Great: Renouncing Desires to Inherit the Kingdom
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 2:47 pm
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  17. “Give me this fisherman, this man without education or experience …”
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 2:33 pm
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  18. Musical Aramaic rendition of the Our Father that moved the pope in Georgia
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 1:09 pm
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  19. Traveling all last week
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 12:52 pm
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  20. Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Andrew, John, Peter and Anthony of Syracuse
    Saturday, Sep 23rd 12:29 pm
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