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  1. Lay up Treasures in Heaven. ( St. John Maximovich )
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 4:15 pm
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  2. During the time that the body of one fasting becomes thin and light, the spiritual life attains to perfection and reveals itself through miraculous manifestations. ( St.Seraphim of Sarov )
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 4:10 pm
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  3. Ο θάνατος του Φώτη Κόντογλου και η θαυμαστή «πληροφορία» από τον Άγιο Εφραίμ Μεγαλομάρτυρα Νέας Μάκρης
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 12:33 pm
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  4. Holy Hieromartyr Theodore, Patriarch of Alexandria (+ 609)
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 4:04 pm
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  5. Christians are Naturalized Citizens
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 1:35 pm
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  6. How Saint Porphyrios Studied in his Youth
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 1:28 pm
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  7. The God Who Educates
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 2:00 am
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    Saturday, Dec 3rd 1:04 pm
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  9. Class 28, Israel’s Disobedience, Judges, 2.6-3.6
    Sunday, Nov 20th 9:20 am
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  10. Luke, 12.16-21
    Sunday, Nov 20th 9:18 am
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  11. When “being religious” is a sickness
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 10:54 am
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  12. Orthodox Christianity, Science and Truth
    Friday, Feb 25th 6:48 am
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  13. Holy Prophet Zephaniah
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 9:22 am
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  14. Day6of40 – On the Problem of Scientific and Spiritual Validation
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 7:31 am
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  15. “To be restored to health and cured of the leprosy of sin, we also must cry out: ‘Jesus, master, take pity on us.'”
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 9:34 am
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  16. Comet Ping Pong: SMOKING GUN???
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 6:43 am
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  17. A Home for White Nationalist?
    Friday, Dec 2nd 4:12 pm
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  18. The four aspects (powers) of the soul
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 4:20 am
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  19. Holy Martyrs Agapius and Seleucius
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 2:19 am
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  20. He’ll let you fall
    Saturday, Dec 3rd 4:00 am
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