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  1. Diocese of Toledo Announces Fall Meeting Schedule
    Thursday, Aug 25th 2:38 pm
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  2. The God of Your Choosing
    Thursday, Aug 25th 2:54 pm
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  3. The All Consuming
    Thursday, Aug 25th 2:00 am
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  4. Bishop Gortyne of Crete, Disciple of the Holy Apostle Paul
    Thursday, Aug 25th 2:19 am
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  5. The Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos
    Thursday, Aug 25th 12:28 pm
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  6. When the time comes
    Thursday, Aug 25th 12:16 pm
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  7. It’s powerless
    Thursday, Aug 25th 6:00 am
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  8. Msgr Charles Pope: Comfort Catholicism Has to Go; It is Time to Prepare for Persecution
    Thursday, Aug 25th 11:22 am
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  9. French support for the EU crumbles on the Left and Right
    Thursday, Aug 25th 9:57 am
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  10. University of Chicago Affirms Freedom of Speech and Thought
    Thursday, Aug 25th 9:48 am
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  11. Archival Documents on the Murders of the Imperial Family Now Available Online
    Thursday, Aug 25th 9:16 am
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  12. Having A Child, With Fear And Trembling
    Thursday, Aug 25th 10:11 am
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  13. Why There Was No Liturgy at Panagia Soumela on August 15, 2016
    Thursday, Aug 25th 9:31 am
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  14. Elder Joseph the Hesychast: an account of his deeds
    Thursday, Aug 25th 8:38 am
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  15. Homily on the day of holy martyrs Photius and Anicetus
    Thursday, Aug 25th 8:31 am
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  16. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
    Thursday, Aug 25th 5:00 am
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  17. 2016.07.31. О единстве во Христе. Проповедь Игумена Антония Каменчука
    Thursday, Aug 25th 6:28 am
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  18. Saint Genesius of Rome †303
    Thursday, Aug 25th 7:00 am
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  19. Robin Parry on the Gospel of Hope
    Thursday, Aug 25th 6:56 am
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  20. IOCC Still Responding to Syrian Families in Aleppo
    Thursday, Aug 25th 5:54 am
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