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  1. The Mystery of the Myrrh-Streaming or Weeping Icons?
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 12:20 pm
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  2. The Chicago Cubs Are Going to the World Series
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 1:45 pm
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  3. 2016.10.23. Собор препп. Оптинских старцев. Литургия (на Церковно-Славянском)
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 1:06 pm
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  4. Blessed is the Generous Giver
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 1:30 pm
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  5. 2016.10.23. Synaxis of the Venerable Elders of Optina. Liturgy (in English)
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 10:00 am
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  6. Synaxis of the Holy Fathers of Crete Who Participated in Ecumenical Synods
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 8:16 am
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  7. St Macarius the Roman of Mesopotamia
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 2:19 am
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  8. Without words
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 4:00 am
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  9. Miraculous help from St. Ambrose in our days
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 3:57 am
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  10. Romanides and Hierotheos: Controversial?
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 12:10 am
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  11. St. Paraskeva Orthodox Christian Charity, Romania
    Friday, Oct 21st 7:00 am
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  12. Apostle James, the Brother of our Lord, First Bishop of Jerusalem
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 2:28 am
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  13. To Sing Like a River
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 1:12 am
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  14. Acceptable
    Sunday, Oct 23rd 1:23 am
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  15. Persecutions and Pagan Rome
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 9:08 pm
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  16. 2016.10.16. О любви к врагам. Проповедь Протоиерея Виктора Потапова
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 11:19 pm
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  17. Why the Lord came
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 11:41 pm
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  18. The foolish language of God
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 11:27 pm
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  19. Fire
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 11:18 pm
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  20. Come out!
    Saturday, Oct 22nd 11:16 pm
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